Peza Range

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Available in Standard Contract Fabric – Black, Blue and Burgundy or Customers Own Material

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Mechanism function The swivel and tilt mechanism operates on a coiled spring which is adjustable by means of a tension knob, catering for various body weights.

When the gas height adjustment is used, the movement has a duel lever which locks the movement in a forward position as well as operating the gas height mechanism.

Body weight tension control The body weight tension control is variable, range from 40 to 120kg with a static load of 130kg in accordance to BIFMA standard.
Seat Injection moulded plastic honeycomb structure seat, ergonomically designed to distribute pressure loads across the entire seat surface. The seat design has been engineered to carry a maximum static load of up to 120 kg. The seat is made of 50% virgin plastic and 50% recycled plastic.

The seat height can be adjusted (135mm range) by means of a class 4 type gas cylinder. The cylinder is housed in a 50,8mm diameter by 2mm wall thickness steel tube, designed with a shock absorbing effect to enhance comfort and minimize spinal injury when sitting down.

Backrest Injection moulded honeycomb structure backrest. The backrest is made up of 50% virgin plastic and 50% recycled plastic.


Armrest Injection moulded armrest with reinforcing “rib” construction.
Base and castor The 5 star base is a reinforced injection moulded talc free nylon / glass fibre filled base with lattice construction. The base has an inner steel cone ring moulded into the hub section for additional strength. The base can carry a static load of 150 kg.

The castor is an open dual (twin wheel design), 50mm diameter castor. Each castor carries a minimum load of 250 kg.  The pin insert is an off-set load bearing type to ensure quick alignment in any direction, giving total manoeuvrability.

Upholstery options Fabric on the seat and back.
Standards / certificates ISO 9001 (design and  manufacturing) / ISO 18001 (health and  safety) / ISO 14001 (environmental management)

EN 1335-1 (dimensioning of furniture) / EN 1335-2 (product safety and testing) /  BS 3044 (ergonomic principals in design and selection)