Why you should consider an ergonomic chair…

People who sit for long periods of time run a high risk of lower back damage, and these risks only increase with age.

Selecting a suitable chair is a critical step in preventing health problems.

With the ergonomic approach, sitting is viewed as a specific, specialized activity which is influenced by the way that a sitting person interacts with working environments.

CHECK LIST for the right ergonomic chair:

Does the chair offer a synchronous mechanism that allows the user to regularly adjust his/her sitting posture?
If the chair is used by multiple users does the chair mechanism allow the user to adjust the body weight tension?
Does the chair allow the user to lock the seat inclination and backrest rake angle in different positions?
Does the chair allow the user to adjust the seat depth?
Can you change the height of the seat?

Can you adjust the backrest or is the backrest adjusted to the shape of the user?
Does the chair have an armrest?
Can you adjust the height of the armrest?
Does the chair offer an optional headrest?
Is the chair easy to handle?
Does the chair offer the option of castors or glides?
Are ecological aspects considered (materials/recycling)?